Religion and Sports

Religion is contaminating sports in the same way it is contaminating the current political climate.

Skip Oliva writes:

[Tony] Dungy uses his post as a football coach to proselytize, and media members like [Len] Pasquerelli give him a free pass. Somehow, I doubt a coach who used his post to promote atheism or even libertarian values would be given such kid-glove treatment. But religion–at least the evangelical Christian variety–is a shield when it comes to the sports press. Either they’re too afraid to challenge coaches and players who claim the moral high ground, or like Pasquerelli they’re willing to tolerate it if it means getting access or a good sound bite. (And Pasquerelli goes out of his way to explain just how wonderful an interview Dungy is, but then again, many religious fanatics are charismatic.)

Last year, Dungy faced mild press criticism for speaking at a fund-raising event for the Indiana Family Institute, a political group that advocates the imposition of Christian values by force (i.e., government.)

Religious delusions seem to always get a free pass in the media.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people make faith-based comments on TV shows like the evening news or The Today Show which go unchallenged by the interviewer. If the subject of the interview was talking about their belief that a little green man was sitting on the sofa next to them and having a positive impact on their life, it would be challenged and attacked as a delusion. But if they talk about God being present or orchestrating something that recently happened in their life, the interviewer just nods his/her head in agreement.

To run for president, it is imperative that candidates talk about their faith in the existence of little green men to even be considered for the job. Oops, I meant God.

Just because a belief is shared by the majority of people doesn’t make it true. Remember when most people believed the earth was flat? How did they treat people who said that evidence supported a round earth? The same way they treat people who question faith in God.