A Gravity-Powered Generator

As I mentioned before, I’ve been looking for a way to build (or buy) a gravity powered generator based on the same principles that drive a grandfather’s clock.

Well, somebody’s already done it. It doesn’t produce much power but it works on the same principle as a grandfather’s clock. A weight drives some gears and chains which turn a homemade alternator instead of a clock. The power it produces is stored in a battery and then used to light an LED.

This can also be called a weight-driven generator or human-powered generator because ultimately the weight must by lifted by human force to create the potential energy that will be released to generate the electricity.

The most amazing thing is that he built it out of Lego building blocks and accessories like gears and chains. I didn’t know that Lego made gears and chains which tells you how long it’s been since I played with Lego.

He describes how it was built here. There is also a video of it on YouTube.

It’s just billiant!

If it seems primative think about where Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone call has taken us or the first computer made by Hewlett and Packard in a garage.