First Thoughts

Last night I caught Health Ledger in A Knight’s Tale on TV.

I wasn’t planning to watch it but saw his face when I was flipping channels and wanted to know what kind of work he had done prior to his great performance in Brokeback Mountain.

It was one of those movies where you know how it’s going to end from the first time he looks at the fair young maiden so I was able to go through a few chapters of my French course while the movie was playing in the background.

I though it was interesting that Health picked up some useful skills in A Knight’s Tale that probably helped him land his role in Brokeback Mountain like horseback riding and being kissed by another man on the mouth.

Dick Clarks New Year’s Rockin’ Eve program from New York City was on later than I thought but I stayed up and watched it anyway. It was a pretty dismal production. I’m glad that Dick is getting over his stroke but it was a little frustrating trying to understand his slurred speech.

The headline act, Mariah Carey and the Pimpettes, was a real disappointment even if it was suspenseful watching her boobs bounce around the low-cut bodice of her no-ho-left-behind outfit. The real technological achievement of the evening was not the Waterford crystal ball coming down on schedule but keeping MC’s boobs in that dress on such a cold night.

The show gave me little hope that there is a cultural renaissance in store for our country in 2006.

I flipped back to a local newscast to see the fireworks in Seattle. I have to give them credit, it is so much more impressive than the ball dropping in New York. They basically turn the landmark Space Needle into a multi-level platform from where they launch really spectacular fireworks [photo from Seattle-PI site].

This did give me some hope for the coming year. Alas, there is still some taste left in small corners of this country.

George Bush’s statement that he will continue with his top-secret domestic spying program does not make me think that much is going to change at the White House, but I didn’t think it would so I can’t say that I was disappointed to hear it.