North Korea Death Camps

Walter In Denver borrows a link from Gary Farber to a Guardian article about North Korea’s concentration camps. You can follow the links to read the story which is horrific to say the least. Walter[…]

WalterInDenver on John Edwards

WalterInDenver linked to me because of my Drug Clock link. He’s got an interesting post about How John Edwards Got Rich which links back to Dr. Chris Rangel who wrote the original post about how[…]

Al Sharpton, Meet Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan posted this incoherent quote spoken by Rev. Al Sharpton in the New Hampshire debate regarding how he, once elected president, would treat the Federal Reserve. ABC anchor Peter Jennings is asking the questions:[…]

Reconstructing Perceptions in Iraq

There are some who say that things are going very well in Iraq: Witness the thousands of reconstruction projects, improvements to infrastructure and economy, promotion of a democratic government, and ongoing efforts to stabilize security.[…]

Andrew Sullivan, The Orphan

Andrew Sullivan confesses that it is difficult to know where to turn for leadership in the current political climate. He says: It says something about what has happened to the Republican party that supporting fiscal[…]

Andrew Sullivan Waking Up!

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day… After the Burning Bush’s State of the Union speech, even Andrew Sullivan who has been a loyal defender of the President and his administration, is[…]