South Park – The Entity

An episode of South Park from 2001 called “The Entity” will remind you what short-term memories people have when it comes to government bailouts. That’s just in the first three minutes. The rest is typically[…]

Religion and Sports

Religion is contaminating sports in the same way it is contaminating the current political climate. Skip Oliva writes: [Tony] Dungy uses his post as a football coach to proselytize, and media members like [Len] Pasquerelli[…]

60 Minutes: Brain Man

CBS’s 60 Minutes profiled a Daniel Tammet who is called “Brain Man” in his native Britain. Tammet is a savant without the mental disabilities of other savants who can describe this thought processes to scientists.[…]

First Thoughts

Last night I caught Health Ledger in A Knight’s Tale on TV. I wasn’t planning to watch it but saw his face when I was flipping channels and wanted to know what kind of work[…]

Absolutely Fabulous

One nice thing about DVDs is that those of us who don’t have cable can watch TV series without the commercials.  Sure you have to wait a few years but DVDs make it possible for[…]