An Inconvenient Truth

I recently had the opportunity to see Al Gore’s documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. The data and the before and after pictures were[…]

Food for Thought

MakeOutCity has some interesting quotes from other blogs on the subject of religion and politics. There are also some postings pertaining to the subject of how agriculture and the resulting changes in the food supply[…]

California’s Water Crisis

60 Minutes did a story tonight on the California water shortage and their decaying levee system. It is well worth watching and you can watch it here. I think it’s interesting that although a huge[…]

The Human Population Bubble

We’ve seen a lot of bubbles in recent years like the bubble and the housing bubble. There is always a healthy dose of magical thinking that blows the bubbles up to unsustainable levels. Then[…]

Two-Headed Turtles

The core premise of my philosophy and of this blog is that things either exist or they don’t. Until this evening when I was watching King5 News, I didn’t know that two-headed turtles exist. The[…]