Food for Thought

MakeOutCity has some interesting quotes from other blogs on the subject of religion and politics. There are also some postings pertaining to the subject of how agriculture and the resulting changes in the food supply[…]

An Active Mind v. A Lazy Mind

Allen Earle explains why he is an atheist in an excellent, personal essay. He’s an example of a person who questions his beliefs and looks actively at the world around him. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee,[…]

Religion and Sports

Religion is contaminating sports in the same way it is contaminating the current political climate. Skip Oliva writes: [Tony] Dungy uses his post as a football coach to proselytize, and media members like [Len] Pasquerelli[…]

Those Christians Are At It Again

Presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee isn’t happy with the Constitution that has made the U.S. one of the greatest countries that has ever existed. He wants to violate the Constitution by making it reflect his[…]