Gold – The Canary in the Coal Mine

Charles Goyette, author of the upcoming book, The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments, wrote an article for CNBC about what the government and the Federal Reserve[…]

Where is the Dollar Going?

Jack Rickards, director of market intelligence for scientific consulting firm Omnis, appeared on CNBC and talked about the dollar. Among other topics, he explains that since the creation of the Federal Reserve, what cost $.08[…]

Another Housing Bubble Coming?

Economist Robert Shiller sees the possibility of another housing bubble. With home affordability at a 40-year high, there is “absolutley” a possibility that the housing market will face another bubble in the next five years,[…]

Foreclosures Hitting New Records

Banks and other lenders like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now sending out delinquency notices and foreclosing on properties faster than ever before, now that temporary restrictions on foreclosures are expiring. Default notices surged[…]


With all the billions that the government has already printed and the billions they intend to print well into the future, we must consider that hyperinflation is part of our future. What is hyperinflation? Wikipedia:[…]