Those Generous Democrats

It appears that Washington State legislators are considering a couple of property tax bills. It is unclear to me how they are related and according the Seattle Times, copies of at least one of the[…]

Snow Storm Fizzles

It seems like when they fail to predict the magnitude of a storm as they did in mid-December, they overcompensate by making predictions that are far worse than what we turn out to get. (That[…]

Rain, Rain Go Way

It has been raining pretty steadily and often hard throughout the past week in the Pacific Northwest. It’s raining again today and there are showers or rain in the forecast for almost everyday through next[…]

Nippy Out There

The Pacific Northwest is having a cold snap. I braved riding my motorcycle into town late this morning when the temperature was reportedly 42. It wasn’t too bad as my jacket is well-insulated and the[…]

Israeli-Lebanon Conflict Hits Home

All the the local Seattle television networks have been providing continuous coverage a shooting at the Seattle Federation in Belltown this afternoon. They have reported that six women were shot, one fatally, by a single[…]