Building Wind Turbines and Other Alternative Energy Devices from Scratch

While I’m on the subject of alternative energy sources, I’d like to point to, a site with lots of information on DIY alternative energy sources, including specific instructions on how to build your own wind turbine.

These guys even build homemade alternators that turn the rotation produced by blades into useful electrical energy. (Most people just try to make an old car alternator work.)

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity is clearly how this group got into the business of off-the-grid energy production. From their home page:

We are a group of alternative energy enthusiasts who want to spread the message that It’s EASY to make your own power FROM SCRATCH!’s headquarters is located in a remote part of the Northern Colorado mountains, 15 miles past the nearest power pole or phone line. All of our houses and shops run on only solar, wind, water and generator power…not because we are trying to make some sort of political or environmental statement, but because these are the only options available. And we refuse to move to town.

They also have an extensive links section which connects to dozens of other sites devoted to off-the-grid living and alternative power generation.