Another Vivid Dream

A recently recounted a dream that I had that took place in a kitchen.

I had another vivid dream last night. This is a little strange because I don’t usually remember dreams.

Last night’s dream took place mostly at an airline ticket counter. I had arrived with a good friend to take a long trip that he and I had been planning for a long time. I remember referenced to Europe and the Carribean Island.

But upon arrival at the ticket counter, I couldn’t find any of my travel documents. I had no tickets and no way to prove my ID.

The dream ended when I had to accept that I wasn’t going on the trip and my friend was going to be going by himself.

I remember being upset and confused that I had screwed up so bad. I’m always so meticulous about getting documents and such in order before they are needed. So not only did I lose the trip, I lost my self-concept. Rather than being meticulous and well-organized, I was forgetful and disorganized.